Friday, February 23, 2007


3D view

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Current TODO list

  1. Implement plane switching to support milling (in progress)

  2. 3D view (OpenGL, also in progress)

  3. Move path discretization code into the kernel, support in-program fast feeds, pauses. I deferred this till "later times", and now this seems to be the right decision: the implementation I had in mind before looks flawed to me now.

  4. Support EMC's rs274ngc interpreter (some initial adoption has been done already). This interpreter is a nice option, but in its current form it is not suitable for 4-axis wire EDM, so the current interpreter is not going away.

Hope to finish this before it gets warm and dry. Then, if all goes well, another real-world testing session will follow, during which probing support is to be added.

Future plans and thoughts include more compatibility with EMC: become compatible with HAL, and make -mync real-time kernels an option for RTAPI. I've investigated into it recently, and it looks perfectly possible.

Sunday, February 04, 2007



Besides passing the final university exams and working on my diploma project, I've almost finished
writing the "erDoc" documentation extractor for MyNC. It is already usable, so I have began to write actual documentation, incrementally adding new features to erDoc as they become relevant. The major ones already implemented are: cross-referencing of types between different libraries, inheritance tracking, tracking of namespaces ('using' keyword honored too). I'm planning to spend some time documenting the code already written. It's better to do it now, before I forget all the details.

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