Saturday, August 26, 2006


MyConf is back

MyConf is MyNC's state management subsystem. It is similar to GConf of the GNOME project, but is more lightweight and is meant to meet the requirements of a soft-realtime system. MyConf includes a server which stores name/value pairs in a tree structure and keeps it synchronized with its XML representation on the disk. There is a well-defined grelay interface so that one can perform operations on the server remotely, and a C++ client library that allows to write MyConf clients in C++. The main feature is the subscription mechanism: clients can subscribe to certain options and receive notifications when those options change. I've just finished porting MyConf to GRelay. Here you can see a picture of MyConfUI.Control widget in action.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Had fun with AVL trees

Balanced trees are required for several tasks in MyNC. I've just written a graphics tool to debug them in three incarnations: for the kernel, for grelay and for mycpp. Fresh MyCpp::AvlTree code seems to work. Here's a screenshot of what is available at

Oh, and yes, I've registered MyNC at and have already imported several modules into SVN. The rest is due soon.

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