Thursday, June 09, 2005


Current state record

gcode has reached certain degree of maturity

The following is the list of ready-to-work modules:

The most recent addition is unified system state support: all parts of gcode installation now have real-time information about current ncb-kernel state (which defines the state of the whole system).
Just before state handling work precise instrument marker rendering had been written. Elliptic forms are honored, and instrument's position is being displayed in a precise sub-pixel manner. My own sub-pixel ellipse drawing algorithm worths separate description :). This allows to debug future equidistant correction code.

TODO list includes extending terminal to control new ncb-kernel's manual movement capabilities, adding back-link support to ncb-kernel (should be quite straightforward as ncb-kernel was designed with this in mind), adding advanced path handling algorithms to the core library (e.g. equidistant paths).

This all is planned for my spare time, which my life currently consists of :) Education and spare time. I'm a happy man, really.

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