Saturday, January 01, 2005


It's all about gcode

'gcode' is a piece of software that I am currently working on. It is a PC-CNC system. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control - a set of tools to drive manufacturing processes with a personal computer. gcode is based on Linux, it inlcudes a patched Linux kernel, a Numerical Control Block (NCB) software and a control terminal. I'll explain it later as an exersize in English, and in Russian some descriptive documentation is already available, but it is still a subject to publish.

Nobody but me worked on gcode for more than a year and this blog marks a step when I begin to prepare to share it. Of course, before "the great sharing" happens, gcode has to be taught to do something really useful and I want it to be documented a bit, so that you could at least understand how it works and what the main idea is. I'd also like to mention that although gcode is a real beast at the moment, things may change so that it'll fail. Really, I don't worry too much about it: I've learned a lot from its development and thats sufficient to me. But giving up on gcode is not not more likely than escaping from the university. And the last is very unlikely, so I belive that the 'gcode' game will go on (and on, and on).

Really, never mind if nobody reads this. Writing stuff helps to organise personal thoughts, anyway. And I'm going to post here in English (will try to do my best), so that more people could benefit from this blog.

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